Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Good lord, I am exhausted! I hadn't quite anticipated (although I perhaps should have) that in the course of sorting out our extension we would need to move all our stuff out of our house but we do. It's incredible how many books we have! Which is a good thing in itself, of course, but right now I wish they were all ebooks. Still, the shell is up and the builder is enthusiastic and it's all happening, gradually. And we're moving out tomorrow! Which will be a relief because it's not a very livable place right now!

Anyway, it's half term starting tomorrow and I'm off to Norfolk to see my new baby niece, which should be just what the doctor ordered - plus I can catch up on my marking, which will at least be a relief. There's plenty of work stuff to tell, but I'll save that for a protected post at half term.
Tags: extension
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