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So, post! Many things have happened in the past couple of months that I haven't managed to post about. I was intending to write a bit more this year, both here and fiction, but I haven't because of basically two things. Thing one is that I seem to have been sick to a greater or lesser extent since Jan 1st. I picked up a cough from somewhere, held onto that for a while, got the vomiting bug while at the doctors having the cough checked out and then got a real streaming flu-ey cold plus new cough just when it looked like the old one was going away. Am finally starting to feel like a real girl again and am really hoping that half term will mean that I can actually manage to recover properly.

The other thing is the extension. We were warned that it would be very disruptive and they weren't wrong! I hadn't really realised how unsettling I would find it to have bits disappearing from my house while I was living in it and so on but it really was. Or, in fact, how annoying it would be to have everything gritty underfoot all the time - I gave up on hoovering about three weeks ago because the layer of grit was back just as deep in a day. It is very exciting and everything but boy am I glad we've reached the point where we have to move out so the electricians can do things and stuff. We're at my parents for half term week and then [personal profile] angharad and Tristan are sheltering us for March while they move the bathroom and redo the kitchen and so on. We have managed to move almost all of our possessions into the builder's lockup garage for storage and filled it up to the brim. I'm sure we seem to have twice as many books and I have twice as many clothes as when we moved into that house.

The cats are staying in situ so that they can guard the house for us and because they hate moving anywhere. That's the only downside - fewer cat strokes. Still, it's only a month. Just you wait for the BBQ parties in summer!
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