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charlie, computer cat

February 2019



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More ebooking

Note to self: how to create your own ebook catalog using calibre, calibre OPDS and dropbox. If it wasn't for the fact that my ebook library is currently 1.9GB I would totally already be setting this up. As it is, I need to think about pruning first, which I don't *really* want to do, or some kind of less space limited solution. Of course, I could always set this up so that it's only accessible from home and put it on the server, but it'd be nice to have it in the cloud too... I know - my life, so hard. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, btw, but Calibre is really really good if you've got an ebook collection - it's helped me format swap my old prc ebooks I had on my Nokia into ePubs to read on my Android, which made me very happy. I hate getting stuck in a particular format.

Spent part of this afternoon downloading and trying out loads and loads of eBook reader apps as the one I was using wasn't displaying paragraph breaks properly in some books, which got kind of annoying. Have settled on Moon+ for now, but I quite liked Kobo too. Any other recommendations?


Yeah, I'd have to set up another account and get it inflated. It really annoys me that Dropbox don't have an inbetween payment option because I would totally go for it if they had one...
Are you on Android or iOS? Bluefire is the best around for EPUB to my mind, but it's not quite yet appeared. any day now. Great on iOS though.
Yeah, I'm on Android, so no Bluefire yet...