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So! We have actually moved back into our new house. The only room that is anything like properly unpacked right now is the kitchen, which is only missing one vital box of cutlery (annoyingly). And, I suppose, the bathroom, in that it doesn't need much unpacking! Still, the new shower is pretty damn cool! Upstairs, the carpets don't go down until next week and there's some stuff like lights in our room and touch up painting which still need to be done so we haven't moved much in but we have put up the first lot of shelves and the supports for the next lot of shelves in library (which is going to be hella cool) and unpacked some boxes of books just so that people can tell it's our house :)

The kitchen/garden room set up looks amazing - great light, lovely kitchen, and I love the way the doors out onto the garden work and look. Again, there's lots of finishing off that needs doing down here (skirting boards, door handles, downstairs loo pipework) but it's looking good. It's been so long since we've been allowed to live here that I feel kind of illicit sitting around in the dining room typing! It'll feel more like we're back when the furniture comes back out of the lock up, which it will hopefully do during the course of next week.

The builders reckon they'll be done by the end of this week. I think it's more likely to be the week after, given the amount of little things that need doing, but that still means that we can totally have an extension warming party at half term. As such, consider this your invitation - mark your diaries for the Sunday 29th May - BBQ and cocktails at our place, woe betide anyone who makes a mess of my new worktops! We will provide the spirits as we have tonnes of it (except for triple sec for some reason) but you should feel free to bring any or all of the following; other booze or non booze drinkables, unusual mixers and BBQables. I feel glam and am therefore declaring this a Dress Up party - wear something beautiful. Interpret that how you will :)
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