Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Disjointed holiday rambling

I had the most lovely morning this morning. I started off with a cup of tea (courtesy of Alex) and a video of Tim Harford doing a TED talk in bed. Then Cassie cat came up to sit down next to me and we both enjoyed a relaxing hour or so, both occasionally stretching, shifting around slightly to stay comfortable and purring when we looked over at each other. True, she was dozing and I was reading some internets on my phone but other than that, we were completely in tune :)

I thought I would write this entry and tried to log in to DW to do it but I couldn't get it to load the main DW pages for some reason, so I had a shower and mused about posting to Google+ but in the end, it didn't feel right. G+ I can imagine using to post things I want to *share* - "look at this" type posts - but this isn't that. There's no reason at all that you should be interested in my morning lounge with my cat and obscurely, I feel like if I post it to G+ then I'm somehow asking you to be. Whereas LJ/DW is different. It's fundamentally my diary (even if I don't write in it very often). Sure, I let you read it if you want to, but I don't feel like I'm saying the same thing by posting something here. I want to record the experience and make it available, to myself if nothing else. It's the first time I've thought about what I might actually use G+ for though, so it's just about possible that it'll get more use than my moribund twitter and facebook accounts. I really shouldn't be on Facebook. I use it to friend people from work, but given that they're active, I really ought to check on it more often. Partly is aesthetic - I just can't get to like the look/layout of Facebook, although I'm not sure why. G+ is much more appealing from that standpoint but I doubt that the work crew will migrate to it, which in some ways is a good thing and probably also increases the likelihood that I'll actually use it.

You can tell it's the school holidays! I'm about to actually post and I have another post in mind already about my own personal food culture. I might try to make a New Year's resolution to actually post some diary entries again. After all, I do love looking back at the old ones - why deprive my future self of pleasure?
Tags: cats, google plus, holidays, meta
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