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charlie, computer cat

January 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Food Culture

I like to read recipe books. I even sometimes cook from them, but in my heart of hearts, I don't think of myself as the sort of cook who makes fancy stuff very often, so mostly I just browse them.


I find myself looking through them, thinking "ooh that looks nice", then cooking something similar to teh recipe but not the same*.

*This sometimes but not always involves adding chilli
If you had the Jamie 30 min meals book you wouldn't need to add extra chilli. All his recipes seem to include it, to my chagrin.
Delia's complete basic cookery book is very useful I'd say - stuff in there isn't fancy but it's a reference for when you want to know how long you should cook a chicken for, or what's a good starting point for a beef stew.

Jamie's 30 min meals has turned out to be a very good inspiration read for certain quick meals - eg his quick chicken pie turns out very nicely.
oh I love to read and look at the photos in cook books also. but i rarely cook anything as my husband if the chef in our house. he'll make some things i suggest, but not usually the really fancy ones with tons of ingredients. more likely is that i'll bake some cookies - and usually toll house chocolate chip because i can't think of anything better to eat raw and cooked.