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Down with Skool

When I was young - around 11, I think - BBC radio 4 broadcast a reading of Down with Skool and How to be Topp as their book of the week read by Griff Rhys Jones and it was absolutely brilliant. He just had the most amazing delivery and after we heard the first one, we taped the rest of them. At least I think it was all of the rest of them because I can't find an episode guide anywhere.

So, they were on tape for a while and then I mini-disked them before the tape died and then mini-disk really didn't last as a format so I thought I'd download a copy from the internet and co-incidentally get the missing episode. I looked for a legit recording first, but it doesn't seem to ever have been released by BBC audio and to my enormous surprise I couldn't find it online anywhere - the closest I got was a few forum posts saying "Does anyone have copies of these".

So, I tried to mp3 my copy but the transfer quality was awful so I ended up leaving it until my stereo with my only remaining mini-disk player was nearly dead and then giving it to my Dad, who is a bit of an audio transfer expert, to rip for me and finally here it is! MP3s of Down with Skool. This is good because it means that I can listen to it in bed while I'm going to sleep and also because I get to perform a service to the internet community by providing copies! So, you can download them here - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/375890/Down%20With%20Skool.rar. They're variable lenght files because some episodes had "segments" in them and each file is a segment and not an episode.

Anyway, enjoy. I did consider doing this whole post in Molesworth dialect, but I couldn't be bothered in the end, chiz, chiz, chiz.
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