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charlie, computer cat

March 2019



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charlie, computer cat

So, just got my first OU TMA back. On the plus side, I got a very good mark (83, 2 marks off distinction level). On the minus, I have made the second assignment much harder for myself! I am supposed to use my tutors comments to improve my answer and then write a reflective commentary about it and there really isn't much of substance I can do - most of my tutor's comments say "good point"! I'll have to email her and ask for some more detailed feedback on how I can make it a 90 point answer, I think. Oh woe is me :)



Then you just need one more point...
Are you doing AA100? I'm doing AA100 at the moment and I think I deliberately sabotaged my attempt at the Cleopatra question to avoid this very predicament.
I am indeed! I did vaguely think about doing that but then remembered that I wasn't fantastic at source questions when I did A200 so I figured I might as well give it my best shot. The Cezanne question was a complete unknown quantity because I've never done any art history before so I was quite pleased to have got such a reasonable mark for it.

Are you coming to the Oxford Day School at the end of the month? Or does London have it's own one?
I'm not in London anymore - Matt and I broke up and I decided to move back to the Isle of Lewis in order to spend time with and look after my Dad, since his health is ailing.

I'm having weekly virtual tutorials and there's a Day School in Inverness at the beginning of December that I haven't yet decided if I want to go or not, as it'd involve a weekend away and organising travel/accommodation.
Oh! That must be a tricky decision - the lectures at ours look really interesting but that's a big outlay of time and energy. How are the virtual tutorials going? I'm quite enjoying things so far - I think I'm going to do a History/Philosophy BA. How about you?
The virtual tutorials are quite fun, actually. There's a number of people based in the Isle of Lewis so we may be able to arrange an informal face-to-face revision group in Stornoway. I'm going to go for a English Literature degree, with a focus on creative writing, but the philosophy courses do seem appealing :)

Given the way the assessment pattern is set up, your tutor hasn't done his/her job very well, but it does sound like a duff strategy to begin with - if you do brilliantly in Round One, what on earth are you supposed to say in Round Two? "I was fantastic"?

Yeah. It's a first year course and the expectation seems to be that most students won't have done any OU work, or even any higher education work before, but they haven't done much to differentiate for the top end :)
Hi! Sorry it's taken me a little while to reply to this - Christmas chaos :) I found in the end that although I felt like I didn't have a lot to go on, I didn't need to actually make many changes, which my tutor was quite happy with so when I actually sat down and did the assignment it was fine. Am currently struggling with the poetry for TMA03 though - not my favourite thing :)