Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Status report

OK, I know it hasn't been two months since I last posted yet, but here are the haps :)

Yay - got my second OU assignment back this morning and got 85%, which hits the distinction boundary! Also, the Plato unit was great and made me feel really enthusiastic about philosophy again.

Boo - am very uninspired by the set book for our poetry module, which is animal poetry, so am a little demotivated about getting on with that (why hello, internets!)

Yay - played online dominion for the first time in ages with Alex and some hinterlands cards and was really quite enthused by them. It's been a while since I've been up for dominion, so that was nice. elyssa, we should really meet up for a game. What GMT times on Sunday can you make?

Yay - Am overlord of Catan in the Android settlers game - have bought and completed the campaign version (dork).

Boo - this is partly because I have been off school feeling fluey and sick and have therefore had lots of idle time for playing games.

And it is on that note/partial excuse that I would like to present the following (extremely, one might almost say feverishly) overextended metaphor which came to me while listening to the news this morning.

Imagine, if you will, a livery stables called Equine Utopia, where many horses are kept. One night, there is a terrible storm. The wind howls, and several doors which have not been properly fastened start to swing around and slam themselves. Eventually, these all slam open with an enormous crash which shakes the building, opening all the other doors at the same time. The horses, spooked, dash off into the night.

The next morning, recriminations start. Some of the better cared for horses have wandered back home, but most of them are still running loose on the downs. All round upon Mr Papandreiou, whose door was only ever held shut with a piece of string anyway. "Go and get a proper lock!" the other tenants tell Mr P but he protests that as he hasn't got any horses now, he can't be bothered. On being threatened with being kicked out of the stables altogether, he grudgingly agrees, providing Mrs Merkel will lend him one of her spare horses to ride to the ironmongers on and use until some of his are recaptured.

The owners them meet for dinner to decide how to stop this happening again. Mrs M and Mr Sarkozy suggest that all the stables should invest in an enormous padlock and bolt system which will make sure that any future horses stored in them will be perfectly safe. The others all nod their heads in agreement but Mr Cameron speaks out. "Surely," he says, "that cost loads and will make it a lot of bother if my hunting friends want to take my horses out for a run! I'm not joining in!" Instead, Mr Cameron has a cunning plan. Why not prop open his stable door? That way if any straying horses wander into the yard, they'll probably go into his boxes! Sure, it'll mean that his door won't shut as easily but after all, there won't be another storm like that for years, will there... At least he'll get an invite to come along the next time the hunt rides out.
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