Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Hello internets!

How's it hanging? New term is off to a reasonable start. Most of my naughty children have come back fairly well behaved and the one or two who haven't, I know why (home upheavals imminent, basically) so that's fairly good. I planned a good 3 day set of Literacy and Maths lessons which have worked really well and am generally feeling quite positive and motivated to do things.

Well, things other than my OU essay, anyway. I have seriously stalled on the poetry, which is not good because it is due in on Friday. I'm just finding it really hard to be interested in the poems we're reading. It's much rarer for poetry to grab me in general, and I always expected this assignment to be hard. I expect once I sit down and write it, it'll go OK, but still, I should get on with it. I guess one of the benefits I will get out of this OU course is writing more entries in here to procrastinate :)

Am really enjoying using the ActivExpression handsets we bought for school. The only downside is that they can slow things down a little bit. I might start setting a time limit on some of the questions and see how that works. Also, I must start looking at the results after the lesson and work out how to save/review them so that I can show my collegues. I have actually volunteered to do the sharing assembly in a couple of weeks time so that we can show them off!

There's a girl in my class who really reminds me of me at that age. She's bright, reads loads and is very into tech - she was showing me the website she made using Google sites in ICT and is learning to write in Python, with help from her Dad. She's going to be a proper geek when she grows up, I think! Although she is good at poetry, so not entirely like me :)
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