Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Woo hoo! Got my fourth TMA back and got another 85! Am feeling very pleased with myself as I wasn't at all happy that I'd managed to pull together a coherant argument - it wasn't a question that leant itself to a focused answer very easily. I think I can do better, but that's cool - I still have 2 essays and an EMA to prove that in (plus the reflective thingie, but I'm not counting that :) ). Have a horrible feeling that I have to submit the EMA through the post - must make sure that I remember that and give myself deadline time to actually get it posted! Have skipped one chapter (the Shostakovich) but might go back and catch up on that over half term, particularly as am feeling motivated to read the next Benin chapter this evening, so will be ahead of myself, which will be good. I might even get the next TMA done earlier that the week of the hand in date :)

Am dithering about what to do next. I could do the second year philosophy course, which would be very interesting and I could theoretically do with Ruth but has an exam at the end which I would have to find time to revise for (I have checked and school would be OK with me taking an afternoon off to do it) or I could do the third year history course I want to do, which would also be interesting but presumably harder TMAs. I'm leaning towards option a, but just a bit worried about the exam.
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