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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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OK, this is a bad test group for this, but I need my faith in human intelligence restored*. The Google doodle for Alan Turing's birthday; charming, yes but complicated, no, right? I mean frankly even if you can't figure out what the little symbols mean, there are so few options in most of them that they can be solved by case exhaustion. I guess you have to figure out that you can press the buttons to alter the program flow, but really, they're buttons, that should be pretty clear, yes? I ask because when you finish, it takes you to search results for Turing, which of course includes news articles about the doodle, including one on CNET describing it as too difficult for ordinaries and a Youtube vid of a walk through. I just... how can this need a walk through? I despair of humanity sometimes.

Why no, I haven't finished my reports yet. Why do you ask :)

* because most of you are smarter than the average bear, obviously, not the other way around.


It took me a minute to work out what the controls were (my computability course used URM and only mentioned Turing machines as an aside) and it wasn't until I saw the "article" (In the words of Freud, "Jaime, that fish wasn't for eating, it was for selling") that I discovered it spelled "Google".

Oh yeah, but exploring the controls is part of the fun of something like that :) I noticed that each combo lit up a letter in the logo on the top left, otherwise I wouldn't have spotted the binary/letter combo either.
That was a super cute Google Doodle. It took me a couple of tries in the first few to really work out what the symbols were all actually going to do when I pressed play, but by the end I was one-shotting them.