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charlie, computer cat

March 2019



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A clean sweep

Sense of achievement this afternoon is being obtained via a thorough clean-out of my wardrobe (translation for Americans: closet). Let me summarize the results...

CategoryPercentageFinal destination
Clean and in good condition25%Back in the wardrobe
Still loved but food stained, with holes in or overwashed20%Bin, sadly
Forgotten about and food stained, with holes in or overwashed10%Bin
Don't fit any more15%Oxfam
In perfectly good condition but that I never actually wear or have gone off10%Oxfam
In perfectly good condition, but which I had forgotten or lost under other things5%Back in wardrobe
Would be in perfectly good condition if I actually ironed them5%Into wardrobe with reservations - I hate ironing!
Cardigans10%Mostly back in the wardrobe, except one or two which I've gone off

I think I actually have more clothes I think I want to wear but significantly more space in my wardrobe. I am definitely calling this a victory :)

Other things I have done today: A wash of the stuff which I am keeping and was lying around on the wardrobe floor, downloaded latest Teen Wolf (not watched yet, so don't spoil me!), tidied up the pile of books on my side table and the stuff on my dressing table.

Next up: Take Oxfam bags to Oxfam, put away Alex's t-shirt mountain, hoover upstairs, put bin bag in bin, packing, games night, with a warm glow of satisfaction!


Well done you. But should the "Bin" category not also go to Oxfam in a bag marked "rag quality"?
I suppose they could if accompanied by a donation - Oxfam are charged for disposing things like that. If I was being virtuous with that bag, I suppose I could take it to the recycling centre at Redbridge - I think they have a clothes recycling collection.
Or it's a good time to use up those (non)chairity bags which always come through the door. Lots of them take rags, and it's better than throwing stuff out.
Are they really charged? I thought generally the Ragman paid small quantities per binbag full of textiles?
Disturbing accuracy of figures for such an exercise! Good for you though.
Well, some of these may be approximations :)
Going through my clothing is always such a challenge but satisfying at the end. I hate getting rid of things I love even when I know it's time!
Yeah, I'm not bad with most things but clothes are a particular weak spot :)
Good work :) I have fairly high turnover in my wardrobe - I'm good at disposing of things but acquire lots too, and overall always have far too much stuff.

One of the charity chops in Cowley Centre has a sign up saying they welcome rags (I think it's the charity shop nearest Barns Rd) if that's useful.