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charlie, computer cat

March 2019



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Well, the classroom's looking pretty sparkly now. I keep finding more sorting out to do in order to procrastinate sorting out the videos of last term's plays for people. All these books totally need to be bagged up by group! It's important and vital work! I have at least managed not to load up Civ while I'm at school.

A few people have expressed incredulity about the amount I come in over the holidays but I really don't have an expectation that I should have six weeks in which I do no work - apart from anything else, I'm kind of jonesing to get back started now! Usually I take about half of my summer holiday off and that's what I've done this year. The first two weeks I came in a few times to sort out odds and ends from my old class and pass things on. Then I took a two week holiday with my family in France and then for the final two weeks I've been in school every day, gradually getting things sorted out the way I like them, admin things for next term done and just getting prepped at a leisurly pace. The thing is, by coming in so much, I can take it easy when I'm here without feeling rushed and I can do a lot of non urgent stuff that is none the less really helpful and satisfying like sorting out my cupboard and cleaning out the folders on the server. Plus, hopefully, when school actually starts next week, it won't be too much of a culture shock!

Still no OU websites though :( There's a note on my StudentHome page now saying "You must register by the 13th of September so I guess there's no real chance they'll be available before that but it's probably what they're waiting for. Still, I'll probably keep checking :)


I really like your idea of only taking part of the summer holiday for yourself. I like to start ramping up before school starts but since I'm dependent on a lot of people doing their jobs during the break (and they don't) it's always a nightmare to come back to school and try to cram a few weeks worth of work into just a few days.
Yeah, I'm quite lucky, in that most of the things I need to do don't rely on other people, they're things like sorting out trays and pegs for my new kids. It means I am now feeling quite relaxed and laid back, which is good - positive for the new term :)