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charlie, computer cat

March 2019



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who's a rock star?

Well, am back to school - first 2 days done! Like my new class a lot - they are excellent listeners when we have class discussions, although there's one or two who have trouble getting back to quiet after they've been doing group work and they like to do a surprising amount of wandering about. We are making model Mars rovers and then putting delicate scientific experiments in them represented by eggs to see if we can land them - it's great fun!

Inset went pretty well as well - my presentation was very well received by everyone, and I got lots of positive feedback. I also spent lots of time in the afternoons fixing people's tech problems - I love my collegues but they're like little lost lambs when it comes to anything technical :) I got a round of applause at the staff meeting because I had printed out their classes Mathletics passwords on stickers.

I have been having a super organised phase in the last week or so, which is quite exciting. I used to be like this a lot but I really haven't been much in recent years. I've actually done the Brownies and Guides accounts and updated all the records as well as getting started on my OU stuff and getting lots of stuff done for school - bizarre but satisfying! I think my body has finally adjusted to an earlier diurnal rhythm - it's so much easier to get up in the mornings than it used to be - and I think maybe that's helping.


I've noticed that if I get up very early I get a lot done earlier in the day and if I get up very late I am not productive until late in the evening. I'm starting to prefer earlier... Too bad Steve is a late person :(

It's nice to hear about how well school is going!
Yeah, I used to have a nice modus vivendi where I would get up around half eight, get to work about half nine and be productive between 11 and about 4 but that's not really practical for a teacher! I found particularly the first year of getting up early really killed me - I could do it but I was wiped afterwards but this year I found I was voluntarily getting up early (ish, we're talking 8.30 here) in the holidays and getting stuff done in the morning, which was very exciting :)