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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Interesting to see journals starting to come out of hiding over here - I presume as a result of LJs friends page plans. To be honest, I haven't dared* look at the new site scheme styled page given the dreadful things I've heard about it. I'll have to do a friends list readjustment over there so I don't end up with duplicated postings.

I have had an embarrassing revelation this afternoon - embarrassing, I hasten to add, only in the length of time that it has taken to arrive. I do not like my dining room chairs, and have never really been very fond of them, even when I bought them (they were a bargain at the time) and I suddenly realised a big reason why - my legs are too short for them! When I am sitting down, I cannot put my feet flat on the floor. I either let them hang, which is uncomfortable on the thighs or balance them on the ball of my feet, which is tiring on my feet. Note to self: test this next time.

Still haven't decided what sort of table to buy to go with new sofa when that arrives (no news yet). A normal height table for ease of gathering other chairs around for gaming, or a more coffee table sized one for ease of sitting on the floor?

Why yes, I do have an essay to write, how did you guess :)

* or, perhaps more accurately, bothered


You could get the floor raised. HTH!
Regarding LJ changes: La la la - change. I am not a big fan. But everything morphs, it's the way of life. I suppose my job is to figure out how to cope - a life long pursuit. Mostly I just like to put my head under the covers when people talk about it.

Regarding Chairs: Why is buying the right thing so difficult (this is a self reflection, not a comment on you)? When we bought our dining room table and chairs, I though I was being so smart making sure that the wood surface had the right coating on it so that we wouldn't have to worry about rings from glasses on the table so there would be no coaster wars. But low and behold, while I got that right I forget to check to see if the wood was a hard wood, so I have a table marred with tons of dents form people writing on it - literally simply writing a note on a piece of paper on this table leaves a mark, and we write a lot around here. No rings though. I wish you luck pre-determining all the things you need and care about in your furniture before you purchase.