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charlie, computer cat

February 2019



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candid-opinion, calvin

For the first time in my adult life, I am seriously considering not voting in an election for a governmental post in which I am eligible to vote. In the PCC elections, I have no idea what the role will involve, either in terms of the expectations for it or the powers the person will have. I know nothing about any of the candidates and simply haven't had time to go and find out about them. I don't understand why it has been decided to make this post an elected one (or, OK, what the justification was, since it's clear that for the Home Sec. it's about getting rid of the responsibility for unpopular decisions) or what the benefit of that is expected to be or how it will be measured (I can guess though - it won't be). I simply don't see how I can make an informed decision here and frankly, I feel that this is why I elected the many phases of government, national and local that I already have - to get informed and then appoint the best person for the job. Maybe I'll go along and write all this on the ballot paper. It's not constructive, but I'd feel a bit better.


There's bumpf in the paper if you Google:
site:oxfordmail.co.uk "Police and Crime Commissioner"
Yes, but then I would have to trust the opinions of the Oxford Mail.
There's Q&A's with each(?) candiate, including "How will we be able to measure your success after your first 100 days?"