Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.


Well, I have now actually done the planning that I said I would do over the holidays. It's probably rather unfair on my new collegue that I've only done it now but to be fair, we talked it over before the holiday and so she knew roughly what would be in it. Also we don't have to teach tomorrow so she can catch up with it, and me, then.

I'm a little bit nervous of how it's going to go with her, tbh. She's our new dep head and she seems very nice but I get the impression that she's going to want to go her own way and teach her own thing and my team leader is going to expect me to be getting her to teach what I teach because both classes are supposed to be doing the same thing. Sigh. Maybe my fears are groundless, who knows. She certainly seems nice enough and it'll be much easier once we can sit down and plan jointly so that more of her ideas are incorporated into what we're looking at.

Got the history essay back and got a 74 on it, which is better than I thought - solid 2:1 rather than 2:2 borderline, which is nice. I kind of wrote it at the last minute, which was not a great idea, but predictable given my schedule and I hate doing source studies anyway. Am a bit annoyed that I still don't have my other essay back given that I wrote and handed it in earlier and got 2 apologetic emails about lateness from my history tutor before getting this one back! Must learn to exercise patience in these things.

Might go and do some of my marking now. I know I shouldn't put all these things off until the end of the holiday, but on the plus side, it did mean I got to have a lovely peaceful holiday, which was well worth it.
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