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charlie, computer cat

March 2019



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Despite the fact that I wrote in here barely more than a week ago, I have actually done quite a lot of journal-worthy stuff since then, which is kind of unusual, so, in keeping with my resolution to write more stuff, here I am.

So, first week with my new colleague actually went really well. She was nice, and really pleased by all the support that I gave her and seemed to get on well with her new class. We had planning on Thursday and that went pretty well and all in all it was pretty positive. School are talking about getting me to be Gifted and Talented co-ordinator next year, given that I'm the one who's actually organising G&T activities for Maths of my own bat. It would be more work but they're also talking about paying me extra and I won't be doing so much study next year so it should be actually pretty good.

On Sunday, Alex and I decided to go for a brunch (in the actual morning). We biked there and I had to stop part way and walk because my bike is really hard work. It is partly that I'm unfit but also, I've become increasingly disinclined to cycle anywhere because it's an actively unpleasant experience. So, because we were walking, we passed a couple of the bike shops on Cowley Road and I saw that they had old fashioned sit up bikes with curved handlebars in the sale for actual reasonable prices! After brunch, I took one out for a trial and the difference was enormous - the cycling position was so much better and more comfortable for me. I wavered briefly, but then decided what the hell and went for it. I thought that if I try to make sure I bike once a week, that would be a big improvement in my fitness.

So far, then, that's going pretty well, because I biked out to Jerico (a trip which I just wouldn't have considered on my old bike - I would have driven) to go and try singing in a choir for the first time in about 15 years. It was quite a learning curve to go back up, especially as they put me in the tenor section, but I actually did really enjoy it. I need a copy of the music so that I can learn my part a bit on my own, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back. Not only that, but I biked to games night on Thursday and to the city centre today with Alex to choose a replacement ring for the one that I squashed irretrievably out of shape. We managed to find a really pretty one which is being delivered so there will be pics when it turns up. I also spent ages ogling new phones. I like the look of the Galaxy SIII but given that my upgrade date is not for a few months, I'm probably better waiting and getting an SIV on contract when they come out - I hadn't realised it that Samsung phones now come with free upgrade to 50gb Dropbox, which pushes it over the HTC line for me for the moment.
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I'm glad to hear that things are going well, and I'm interested about the new bike! Biking seems to tweak my leg in an unpleasant way but now I wonder if it is my bike and not necessarily me after reading this.
Could certainly be - it's like a whole different experience for me. I would actively avoid cycling to the extent that I couldn't be bothered to go down the pub and see people and now I can.
Come biking with me! I have been going out with Isis Cyclists who are all very nice. The first ride of the month is always a short slow one, and then you go for a celebratory coffee :)
I'm not sure about in the current weather conditions, but when things are reliably above freezing I might give it a go :)