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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Hello interwebs! As you may be able to guess from the fact that I am posting here, I am procrastinating. Shocking, I know. I've also tidied up my inbox so that it only contains active threads and archived all the other shit I don't need. I'm actually in school today, being paid to keep an eye on a languages day that some Oxford Uni students are running, so that's pretty nice because I would be in school anyway to sort some stuff out. Although I have to say, it's pretty damn cold in here - I could really use my fleece, which is in my car. When are we going to get some nice weather, eh? I refuse to believe that last weekend was the only good weather we're getting this year!

I'm feeling quite good about the fact that it's nearly the end of the year. We've got our assessments in a couple of weeks and I think my class are going to show up as having made good progress, which is fab, especially as I've got them next year. I am so looking forward to the summer though. Having the new Dep Head and our current head of phase both in our team is getting a little wearing as they clash more and more - hopefully next year will be a bit more relaxed once they're on different teams. Plus I have my exciting Canadia-land holiday to look forward to! Must think about booking cars, hotels, etc for that! Wow, so much procrastination I could be doing :)


You tidied up your inbox!?! I'm jealous. I'm such a saver. I catagorize (but in way too many ways) and keep. So my computer is really just like the rest of my house. Must create a belief system that will let me trust that when I need something it will become available to me and that I don't have to hold EVERYTHING that I could ever possilby, maybe want at some later date. Sigh. I hope you will inspire me. It does take a lot of time to clean out, though, doesn't it? So many decisions to be made. That's probably the wort of it for me - I agonize over each decision. Someone once recommended purposefully practicing making quick decisions by choosing a category that doesn't really matter that much to me and forcing myself to just pick and run with a choice. Like perhaps eating - fish or chicken? Grab and option and don't look back.

Anyway, good for you. Sorry you're cold - if only that little black kitten in your icon could curl up on your lap instead!

Which part of Canada do you get to visit?
I have started to find that I have to search for email anyway if I want to find it in my inbox so I might as well archive it and search it from there. Hopefully it'll keep emails I actually have to reply to more visible, which would be handy.

starting in Calgary and driving to Victoria to visit a friend - lots of spectacular scenery.
hmm, i like that thought about the e-mails. i'll think (read procrastinate) about it.

what a great trip! i've taken the train across canada and loved every minute of it. we love victoria but don't get there often (even though it's pretty close) because it really is another country visit and all the details that entails. we don't think of it so much as another country, again because we are so close - just 3 hours drive up to seattle then a ferry ride up.

have a great time.

Calgary - Victoria

It's a really great road trip. We loved the Banff area in particular and, if you're going to Vancouver Island anyway, would really recommend a few days in Tofino, which is a very lovely laid-back resort (about half-way up on the left, although the road to get there is a bit hairy in places). But the coolest way to get from Vancouver to Victoria is by sea-plane (obviously), and we watched them arrive and depart with some envy.

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Re: Calgary - Victoria

See now my temptation to try the sea plane is warring with my dislike of flying :)
I'm also procrastinating and thinking about my upcoming holiday. Fingers crossed for sunshine!