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So, while in Canada, we bought some actual physical books. I realised that bookshops have become things that I only go into when on holiday. In fact, that's practically true for any sort of shops. I can't be bothered to go to the city centre these days. Anyway. We went to a lovely bookshop, we browsed, I bought actual books!

The Adoration of Jenna Fox was really rather good. Not startlingly original but interesting and absorbing to read. I liked the way Jenna worked through what had been done to her and whether she wanted to accept it or not. Then there was Alex and the Ironic Gentleman. That was OK but a bit knowing. Trying to be a young persons Pirates in an adventure with sort of book, I think, but not nearly good enough for that. Thirdly, there was Magic or Madness, which was a teens-discovering-magic book. A little simplistically written but an interesting magic system. I was tempted to buy the sequel but it was a little more pricey than my default "yeah, what the hell" price for books (which is about 3 pounds, it seems).

I also had the slightly bizarre experience of having an email turn up in my inbox saying Thank you for your Amazon purchase and having no memory of having made one. I had to scan the email for quite some time before the title jumped out at me and I realised that it was something I'd pre-ordered for Kindle. In fact, it was Earth Star, the sequel to Earth Girl. I again very much enjoyed the writing style but I found that the reasons given for Jarra to be on the spot for the events of the book were rather more strained than they had been in the original book. I did like the fact that, like the first book, it portrays a society which is filled with people who are mostly well meaning, often don't examine their received opinions but can do so and mostly are prepared to with a push. It's optimistic about human nature in the round, while recognising that arseholes exist and one has to work around them. It's also unusual in my mind as representing a post expansion to the stars society not at war with itself or outsiders.

As well as books, one evening I decided I didn't have the energy to go out and requested an evening of TV. [personal profile] aveleh suggested that she'd been planning to try out Orphan Black and oxfordhacker had already seen some and liked it so we went for it. We ended up blitzing the first four episodes that night because the moment I saw episode one I was totally addicted. It has some amazing characters, incredibly acted and I really enjoy the plotting as well, although I can imagine that the more scientifically inclined might find that snagging them. I am slightly bemused that no-one had put me onto it beforehand - I have mentioned that I'm interested in good genre TV shows, right? I obviously need to improve my recommendations system - does anyone know anyone who was reccing it? UK people I'm letting off on the grounds that it hasn't actually aired here yet (despite being a BBC thing - I didn't realise BBC America made it's own stuff too). It's actually coming to BBC3 in the autumn, apparently and everyone should watch it!
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