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charlie, computer cat

March 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Roses, etc

So, I have been musing on naming, which probably won't surprise most of you. Alex and I recently decided to signal our family affiliation by choosing a common name and we've now the deed poll paperwork to prove it, which is rather fun. I've changed my details at work (being sysadmin is so handy :)) and now that it's the holidays, I'm trying to sort out some other areas of my existence.

On Google, repository of most of my personal information not on here, I've been Jo C for a while. I changed it from my full name in protest at the full names policy which has finally now been axed. So I could go back to using tinyjo there as my actual name as well as my account name. On the other hand, is there any reason for that? It's not like Google will have any trouble connecting up my name with my account, it seems to me, although it might take a month or two. And while I fully support and indeed demand the right to be pseudonymous, I'm not sure I personally actually *need* to be, or at least not in the context of this set of accounts. Any thoughts on the value or not of relative anonymity?

And then there's LonCon. I got an email yesterday asking me to check my badge name because I put my badge name down as my fannish account where I write my fic on the grounds that anyone who doesn't know me already is much more likely to have encountered that than anything else. On the other hand, as I haven't been writing for a while and that account is therefore not very active, perhaps that's not the best idea? Do I want to connect with people at this convention? And if so, under which identity? Fond though I am of my other username, I kind of wish I didn't need to keep it at a distance from this one but given my profession, that still does seem wise. Experienced con-goers, what do you think? What is the badge name *for*? Should I be going by what I want to be addressed as? Or is it there to help signpost people to where they might know me from?


Ineresting and excellent! What is the new common name, then?
Hacker. There is a vague plan to have some sort of party/BBQ/event of some kind over the summer to encourage everyone to update their address books but we haven't figured out timings yet :)
Oh I see! I had thought that Alex's twitter handle change was just a neat joke rather than that specific neat joke :-)

What is the name on the name badge for?

One of the questions we never satisfactorily answered for CAPTION. I think some cons actually have separate slots on the badge for name & for Twitter handle.

Maybe we should have badges with ‘You may know me as …’ and ‘You can call me …’ as separate boxes.