Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

After a string of weeks at the end of last term where I got very little done on my long weekends because of feeling full of cold and generally run down, I am actually having a rather productive day for a change. I am particularly pleased that I have managed to do quite a bit of gardening - it's just tidying up but it badly needs to be done. It was really nice to be out there seeing the bulbs starting to come up and the trees beginning to bud. There's lots that needs doing to make the garden presentable but the fact that I felt motivated to get out there today in the sunshine and do it made me feel quite optimistic about the whole thing. Of course, I do still have the sniffles, but you can't have everything!

I had a lovely birthday a week ago, with a visit to the family, but it did remind me that as I get older, I seem to drift further and further away from the institution of gift giving. There is so little that I want to have that I don't just buy when I want it now that I find it very hard to think of things to go on my wish list these days and I'd much rather see people than have more things. That being said, I did get some lovely clothes from my Mum, which was nice. I must go clothes shopping again at some point - I have lots of sensible work basics but not really any nicer, dressy, going out style stuff any more. Although that might entail going to the city centre, which I really don't like! I know - my life, so hard!
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