Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

1) Made it safely back and, thanks to the combo of having no-one in the seat next to us and a lovely boyfriend who was happy to let me put my head on his lap and stretch out across the seats, I actually got some sleep on the plane and so wasn't too jetlagged. I still find flying a basically unpleasant experience, but as flights go, this one wasn't too bad.

2) Straight back into school, I've spent the last few days configuring and tidying up 9 different laptops! Some are new and some being passed on to other members of staff. Nearly there now but it's so laborious. Abd today, the free desktops we've been donated to the ICT suite have arrived so there is more configuring in my future :( Despite that, I like being in school in the holidays - it's peaceful and you can potter around. I've cleaned a bunch of crap out of one of my cupboards, which is very theraputic, and moved around the furniture in my classroom to try to improve the layout.

3) I have finally signed up for my last course in my OU degree. I realised that actually, if I want a degree in History and Philosophy, I can't do anything about my degree classification whatever course I do, which was liberating. I've found myself un-enthused by the Children's Literature course and have ended up deciding on Voices, Texts and Material culture because it looks like it has a bunch of interesting stuff about development of canon/authority and the changing roles of objects as they move between cultures and stuff. There is a group project, which I'm a little nervous about, but overall, should be good.

4) I missed cooking much more than I expected - I was really jonesing to get into the kitchen by the time we got back here. I really love the fact that these days you can organise your weekly shop online to arrive when you return so you don't have to deal with supermarkets after travelling.

5) For three weeks holiday, I got remarkably little reading done, or at least remarkably little new reading. I did read the book club book, although of course I wasn't actually at book club :) Other than that, I read half of Lagoon and did a bunch of lazy re-reading. I might have to forcibly restrict my re-reading or something because it's becoming a very bad habit.
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