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So, we made it to the Spice Isle! I'm still in slight "I can't believe we're here" mode, but it's starting to sink in... It's gorgeous here - sunny and hot with just enough breeze to make it comfortable. We're staying in a B&B right in the city centre which, given that this is independence weekend, puts us right in the thick of everything, which is pretty amazing. I wouldn't say the view is anything to shout about but the breakfasts a great and the fact that we're right next to the buses means that it's incredibly easy to get anywhere. The buses are actually more like maxi-taxis, with a clever arrangement of fold down seats to maximize the number of people that they can fit in and I'm more and more pleased with the decision not to hire a car for this trip as the roads are narrow, steep and busy so I think it would have been pretty high stress!

So we arrived on Thursday and we had thought we might go to the beach that evening but in fact after checking in we were too tired to do anything other than have a stroll around town and a quick snack before turning in. Friday was our first day into school and it was their indepedence street parade. All the children were dressed up in Grenadan national colours and we marched and danced through the streets singing "Happy Birthday Grenada". The gist of the songs seemed to be that Grenada has sun, spices and friendly people and I have to say, that seems basically true. When we got back to school, there was a TV camera there and after talking to the head, we got asked for comment! A little un-nerving but I managed not to stutter and to sound enthusicastic but I haven't looked for the spot, incase I look like a grinning idiot :)

After the march, we had the national dish - oildown - for lunch, which was a sort of stew made with chicken and coconut milk and a vegetable who's name I forget which was a little like spinach and carrots and something else rather like bread fruit. It was pretty good actually, although they gave us a massive portion so I think they thought we didn't like it; it was more that we couldn't possibly have eaten it all! After that, they very generously gave us the afternoon out of school to recover from jetlag on the beach! The head teacher gave us a lift down to Grand Anse, which is the main tourist beach and dropped us off by a well reviewed beach bar so we spread out our towels, relaxed on the sand with books and swam in the Carribean! The presense of some clouds in the sky meant that the beach was really quiet but actually it was amazingly nice - not too hot to be comfortable.

Today, with more clouds forcast we decided to take advantage of their cooling properties to do a waterfall walk inland. We took a bus up just past the Grand Etang to St Margarets falls, also known as the Seven Sisters. When being given our sticks as we paid for entrance a nice chap offered to guide us and we decided to take him up on it. Although the route was actually pretty clear, I'm really glad we did as there were some pretty rocky spots to pick our way over and a stream to ford on stepping stones and having a helping hand made all the difference in a couple of spots. When we got there, our guide took a seat on then bench while we took a dip in the pool just below the waterfall! The whole thing was gorgeous - really tropical jungle feeling - and we saw one or two bits of wildlife, even though we missed out on seeing monkeys - still, there's plenty of time for that yet! Our guide knew loads about the local flora and showed us things like nutmeg, cocoa and banana trees as we went along. Despite the fact that the way back was mostly steep up hill, I managed it pretty well, which I felt good about. I wouldn't want to do something that exerting every day but I think we may do another hike type day next weekend.

View out over the Carribean from the harbour

Street march in Grenadan colours

A quiet afternoon on Grand Anse beach

Nutmeg, some local wildlife and the waterfall at the end of the waterfall walk.
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