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We had our late summer fete at the new school yesterday. When I first heard about it, I thought it was an odd idea, but actually, it was really nice. It feels much easier to give up a Saturday afternoon early in the year, when I have reserves of energy and enthusiasm, than it does in the summer when I'm drowning in reports and play and so on. I was told that money we raised could stay in our class to be spent on something as well, so it means that the kids will actually see the benefit of whatever we buy. We ran a "Splat the Red Kites" (that's our class name!) stall and I promised them that if they made £50, they could splat me at the end, so of course we did really well and I got soaked :) Still, definitely got me a good rep from the parents as a good sport!

Still feeling like the move was a really, really good one - not sure how much of it is new job energy but I'm finding it much easier to get everything done, and I'm really liking the leadership side of things as well. Next week is the first session of my leadership training course, which will be interesting - I'm not sure how useful it'll be, but we'll see.
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