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Despite my constant gloomy "it's only a 50% probability on the weather forecast" nay sayings, we did actually get snow this week, and enough for a snow day off school at that. I think I have now had more snow days at new school than I had at old school in 8 years. I mean the head was very opposed to closing unless absolutely necessary (to the extent where we would stay open even if some of the further flung staff members couldn't make it) but also, it is just really much colder and snowier here this year than it's been for years. I do wonder what effect this will have on the climate change debate - not that it makes any difference to the science, but the very mild winters recently have contributed, I think, to a sense of climate change being present and happening now that's made it easier to persuade reluctant people and I really hope that tide doesn't recede but I fear it might. Anyway, the garden isn't looking like it was too horribly shocked by things - the blueberry bush is still budding like no-ones business. I am slightly worried that my lemon tree, currently living in the porch, won't have been very happy about it, but fingers crossed, I guess. Alex has been striking this week to try to stop the University from destroying his pension. Not the best of weathers to be on the picket line! I think they failed to have burning bins as well, so it was all shivering in the freezing temperatures.

The other notable thing that happened last week was that Harry managed to go missing for 48 hours :( Perils of owning outdoor cats, unfortunately. He's an absolute bugger for going through doors he shouldn't and is constantly getting stuck in the bathroom or my wardrobe so we think he just managed to get shut into someone's shed or something of that nature and he turned up none the worse for wear before it got really sub zero even in daytime, but still, we (including Clare) did a lot of fretting while he was gone. I kept checking places I'd already looked and ridiculous places like the drawers in the kitchen (even if he had managed to get in one, he would definitely have made some noise about it). All's well that ends well!

Suz came over yesterday and we spent a certain amount of time just sitting on the sofa doing work with Joan Osbourne playing. It was just like being students again, but with the addition of a reclining sofa :) It made me feel at the same time that that was the good old days and that these are still the good days, if you see what I mean, which is a pretty optimistic note to sign off for the week on!
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