Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Been kind of an up and down week this week. As a result of my telling them that their child was poorly behaved in class, one of the parents made an appointment to see our interim head, which was a bit stressful. I try not to let that stuff affect me too much and I obviously couldn't not have said it, but still, it did rather cast a shadow over the week. Otherwise though, it wasn't too bad - I'm starting to feel like they're beginning to get things in Maths, which is a relief. Not everything, but some things are finally starting to penetrate!

We're planting veg in my class this term as part of our topic and I got so excited about it that I decided to try planting some veg of my own! So now I have a planter on order (thanks, Mum!) and am faced with the decision of what to put in it! So many choices - I definitely want to try growing courgettes, and tomatoes, and maybe carrots. I'm also considering a potato planter bag - I may be getting over excited here :)

Now that the weather has started warming up again, I've started trying to get back into Pokemon Go - I'm not that excited by the game aspects but I did enjoy the collecting and it did get me to exercise a bit last year. I actually went for a walk around the village where my school is - very pretty and picturesque! There are lots of new Pokemon since last time I was playing it, but whether I'll stick to it, who knows!
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