Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Snow again! This is ridiculous! I hope it's not doing anything too horrible to my garden - this doesn't feel normal for this time of year, although Alex and I were discussing that this morning and saying it's sort of on the end of the bell part of the bell curve rather than all the way down the long tail, if you see what I mean so hopefully, it won't have too much impact. I suspect the radishes we planted outside at school on Thursday are toast though, although we did cover them over, so you never know - they might make it. I'm also quite glad that my veg trug didn't arrive this weekend, as otherwise I would be champing at the bit to plant :) We've got lots of seedlings sprouting - there's three trays sitting on the dining room table soaking up any available sunshine and looking quite cheerful - lettuce, rocket, spring onions, land cress and, experimentally, kale sprouts. I've never eaten them but we like winter kale and we like interesting sandwich and salad leaves so this will hopefully qualify on both counts, and the packet says they only take 4 weeks to grow, so hopefully we'll find out soon!

School is an odd combination of comfortable and overwhelming at the minute - I had quite a chill week in the classroom, between taking the kids to take part in a choir concert on Tuesday and all the science workshops organised for science week but on the admin/leadership side of things, I feel like I still don't have a proper grip, and because of all the upheaval this year, I have lots more responsibilities than I was expecting. It's not that I can't cope with them, but I am worried that I will forget one - I nearly did this week, only a chance remark from Ruth saved me! I guess I need to get more vigilant about tracking tasks - more stuff in Habitica, maybe. In the process of typing this, I find myself wondering if I should be setting up a separate work account for Habitica or whether that's just going to confuse things. It's definitely a thought.
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