Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Things feel like they're changing so fast at the moment that I always have to check on what had happened last time I posted before I start an update! So the last update was written the weekend before half term, when I was still job-hunting. On the Friday of that week, the last day of term, I suddenly got an interview with a company who were very keen to talk to me having just seen my CV that morning and I ended up heading over there straight after school, and then from *there*, straight to Brownies! That was a really good conversation, and I got on really well with them so that seemed very optimistic. Separately, over the Thursday, Friday and Saturday I ended up setting up 4 separate phone interviews for the Monday, which made for a quite surreal day, as we were visiting with my parents so I was taking these calls in between doing sewing things with Mum. Tuesday saw me finishing off a coding test while stopped of in Cambridge to see Alex's family on the way home and nearly all of the companies I spoke to on Monday set up interviews for later in the week. On Wednesday I went back to see the company I saw on the Friday (as well as one other) - again, got on really really well with the people and they made me an offer that afternoon. I dithered about waiting and going to one of my Friday interviews, which had sounded really interesting, but in the end I decided that I wasn't going to find a better culture fit and it seemed likely that the job was going to be a bit wooly, which I felt less confident I could definitely do after my time out of the industry so I accepted and will be starting in January. They're a small marketing company which specialise in loyalty programmes, mostly for businesses selling to smaller businesses. People look politely baffled when I say I find that fascinating but I really do think there's the potential for some really interesting data stuff in there which could be genuinely cool. It's also a good balance of stuff I remember well and am certain I can be good at again very quickly (data feed management) and stuff which is a bit more hazy and has changed rather more since I went into teaching and all in all, I think it will really suit me well.

School has been back this week and been very busy and I spent yesterday slumped on the couch, to tired to do anything really, which really reminded me why I want to leave! The weekend before I'd been really active and cheerful and now I feel pulled down and grey again. Only another 6 weeks to go!
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