Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Term crawls on but I was in a better mood most of this week - a couple of good nights of sleep helped, as did some very very soppy cats snuggling up to me. I spent yesterday afternoon going through my book case purging teaching books. Although I have a lot of these, they are mostly either (a) gifts that I never got around to reading, (b) set texts from my qualification or (c) books that other teachers have passed on to me from their categories (a) and (b) when they retired. Lots of them are hopelessly out of date at this point so I ended up with one bag I think Oxfam can sell and 3 that are going straight to the recycling centre. I barely ever read any of them - I never had sufficient energy/desire to and from my position of having decided to cut ties from the profession I look back and wonder if I should have asked myself about my lack of intellectual connection with teaching earlier, although asking that now isn't itself particularly valuable. In fact, trawling through our non fiction shelf reminds me that I very rarely have the energy to read serious non-fiction, although I often find it tempting/fascinating. I rediscovered several history and philosophy texts that I wasn't able to resist buying but have easily manage to resist opening. Maybe I'll start reading some of those in January.
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