Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Somewhat to my surprise, I have found myself actually doing some swimming again over the past few months and rather enjoying it. I rejoined a gym in October on a limited 3 month deal as the nights began to draw in, the weather got colder and Pokemon Go lost it's appeal. Not really with any sense of anticipation, just a grim sense of resignation that it was something that would have to be got through in my own best interests. I originally intended to use the gym/treadmill on work nights and swim occasionally at the weekends, but as part of that I treated myself to a cheap waterproof MP3 player and I've found to my surprise that with that addition, I'm actually quite enjoying swimming at the moment. I started off listening to my weekly politics podcasts in the water on Saturday mornings but have since discovered that Critical Role also makes an excellent companion for swimming, although it occasionally makes me smile too broadly and take in a little unexpected pool water as a result. The other previous barrier I've had - the fact that long term swimming tended to reach a point where I just smelt of chlorine all the time - hasn't yet re-emerged as an issue, so I'm feeling cautiously positive about the whole thing - enough so that I've been looking up alternative pools for the new year when I won't be passing this one on the way home any more, which was the primary reason for choosing it in the first place.
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