Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

So, I made it through! Did the final day at school with only a bit of a sniffle as my class sang a goodbye song for me (which was very charming of them, bless them - they'd filked something I didn't recognise but the result was lovely), and had a great time with my new colleagues at their Christmas party. There was an end of year meeting beforehand and I came out of that feeling super positive about the whole thing, which feels like a good sign. I like all the other people I've met so far, which is always a good start, and am looking forward to getting started next year. The one thing which was less good was that in the course of the dinner, we discovered that I am really quite allergic to truffle oil, we think - the odour of several people's plates all at once (including mine - I hadn't noticed it listed as an ingredient in the steak sauce) was so awful that I broke out in a sweat, got light headed and had to go outside for some fresh air, which was a bit of a surprise! Fortunately, that was enough to recover and the restaurant were kind enough to swap the food but that's something I won't be trying in a hurry.

Have been using the between jobs/years gap to get lots of things booked in for next year - my calendar of holidays is already looking pretty full for 2019, assuming that we do make it to Bangkok as well, but it's all super exciting stuff. Who knows what's coming on a more global scale, but at a personal level, I'm feeling pretty up about 2019 :)
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