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I wrote quite a bit of an entry yesterday in between bits and bobs at work but then I forgot to post it and I guess draft saving is not a thing these days? Maybe I turned it off somewhere or something. Anyway. The most annoying thing about the project I'm working on at the minute is that every time you change the code you have to do a rebuild of the whole solution and then it takes about 3 minutes to spin up on first load which is enough time to be boring but not enough time to do very much. That being said, it does work for things like writing journal entries or, hopefully, writing the Brownies letter I need to do at some point today, I just have to make sure I have enough little things like that.

The developing is still working out well - I was the SQL expert for my colleague yesterday, which was a pretty good feeling and I'm definitely feeling like the ASP.NET skills have de-rusted pretty fast and I'm making actual contributions. I'm also getting into the swing of things at the gym, I think. I've managed to go three times this week and I have a session booked with a personal trainer on Sunday - you get three as part of the sign up package so I figure getting a bit of advice on using machines, etc can't hurt.

The other excitement of this weekend is that I have a new experience coming my way. Having heard that I like game, my boss immediately decided to offer me the results of his weekend shooting, with the result that I now have two pheasants and 2 wood pigeons hanging in my shed! I've never actually dealt with a carcass before, but I'm game to have a go at anything so we'll see how that goes! If nothing else, I expect that it'll fascinate the cats!
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