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Went to see John Finnemore in London on Tuesday, which, despite snow making the travel portion a little more complex than needed, was a really lovely evening. The comedy was great (listen to the new series of Souvenir Programme when it is released) and afterwards, we went to a lovely fish restaurant and had fancy fish and chips before heading back to Oxford. A little bit of a late night but worth it, I'd say. I need to get a little bit more confident in asserting when I want to come in/leave early or something like that I think - I guess that'll come once I've been here longer and am feel more comfortable that I'm definitely pulling my weight.

Over the weekend, I had my first go at butchery, which also went really well. I ended up with 4 pheasant breasts, 3 pigeon breasts and a strong feeling of accomplishment. I was surprised that it really was as easy as YouTube made it look and it felt like an intensely practical process, which I found quite satisfying. The moment where it goes from looking like a bird to looking like the sort of meat that I'm used to seeing delivered by the supermarket was quite strange the first time. Now one of the other shooters at work has given me 2 more birds so I'll be doing it again next weekend, which I'm sure will delight the cats - Harry thought the whole thing was amazingly exciting, as you can imagine :)
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