Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

I happened to do my semi regular search for Stardew Valley on Android on our way into London on Saturday and finally met with success! I've been really wanting it as a phone game for ages and, of course, I immediately got sucked into it big time and did quite a bit of that and not enough chores on Sunday (sorry, fellow Habitca party members!). I now have a farmer named Carol with a cat named Goose and 2 chickens whose names I have forgotten. I am pretty impressed with the implementation on the phone, tbh. The only time I notice it being a little slower than the PC version is when it's saving overnight events, which, tbh, is fine and for such a cute game with pretty graphics, it's fairly good on the battery life too.

We were on our way to London to go to this year's BAHfest, this year with added igNobel in the afternoon. The igNobel stuff was missable tbh - the papers mentioned and the speakers were quite good but far too much of it was the chap who runs it talking, over explaining and thinking that he was a lot better as a comedian/public speaker than was actually the case, which at least lent the bit of Dunning-Kruger opera video he played for us a level of charming irony. BAHfest itself was really great this year, plus we turned out to know one of the presenters! The whole standard was very high actually and full of laughs. The winning hypothesis ended up being that dark matter is made up of vampires, which is why you can't see it using space telescopes.
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